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Fangirls Anonymous

Victims of fangirlishness from near and far...

Victims of Fangirlishness
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**Community is moderated by sasja_sokolov, fangirl of Steven Hyde, Mr. Sark, and Geddy Lee. (Yes, you read that right, pick your jaw off the keyboard, and no, she is not on any pills)**

Welcome to Fangirls Anonymous. Here, we are not, or at least try very hard not to be, annoying teenybopper fangirls. That, however does not stop us in the least from rambling about the total awesomeness of our obsessions. We just do it with snark and style. ;)

So, basically we are fairly sane; we just happen to fall for a fictional character. (Or actor, singer, singer/bass player/keyboardist, athlete, etc.)


1. Remember, we have reasons for loving our objects of admiration other than their pretty faces. Although we do *quite* like pictures... ;)

2. Please be at least slightly mature. As said, not stuffy, old, stuck- up mature: just no "OMG lyke, Orli iz sooo hott!!1!!" posts.

3. Large images or large amounts of images should be put behind LJ-cut tags. Instructions on how to to that are here.

4. I would prefer if members didn't post fics here, even if they are short. Linking to one on a site like fanfiction.net would be fine, but this is *not really* a fic community. moderator.

5. Sarcasm in all its forms is not only approved of, but encouraged.

6. Be random. Spell to the best of your abilities. Have fun and be assured that others suffer from exactly the same fangirl symptoms. Oh, and if you can think of a 12- Step fangirlishness curing program, by all means DO tell. :D

7. Make an introductury post with the following confession information:

Hello, my name is _______, and I am a _______(list all applicable) fangirl.

How long I have been a fangirl:

Moment I realized I was a fangirl:

Reason(s) I am a ______ fangirl:

Which is better, Rush or Zeppelin?

((I *probably* should point out that that last one is the optional mod- suck- up question... :P))