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Fangirls · Anonymous

Yet Another Victim of Fangirlishness

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Hello, my name is Andrea, and I am (primarily) a Geddy Lee fangirl.

How long I have been a fangirl:
I've been a fangirl since the age of 14, when my dad first introduced me to Rush. I'm 16 now, so that would equate to about 2 years.

Moment I realized I was a fangirl:
I realized that I was a fangirl when I would go out and buy Rush albums/books/memorabilia just to look at pictures of Geddy...and to enjoy the music, of course.

Reasons I am a Geddy Lee fangirl:
1. I am a bass player, and I have a deep respect for his talents.
2. I like his sense of humour.
3. I've always been a fan of his hair...well...most of the time.
4. He's nice to look at?
5. It really annoys my friends!

Which is better, Rush or Zeppelin?
That's a really difficult choice to make, but since Rush has Geddy, I'll have to say that Rush is better. Nothing against "Pagey" and the boys, though.

Current Mood:
ditzy ditzy
Current Music:
Pink Floyd "In The Flesh?"
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