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Victims of fangirlishness from near and far...

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Hello, my name is Jessa, and I am a star trek, russian guys, Pavel Chekov, LOTR, HP, much much more I can't list it all here fangirl.

How long I have been a fangirl: Oh god...sence I first saw Star Wars when I was 8

Moment I realized I was a fangirl: about 4 years ago

Reason(s) I am a (everything) fangirl: I have an obsessive personality

Which is better, Rush or Zeppelin?...never heard of either

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So, I drove 200+ miles to see the Goo Goo Dolls on Tuesday. That was after the 100+ miles the night before and the 1100+ miles the week before, just to make it back home in time to make it to the concert on time. Wow. Much driving. But I figure, it's Goo, it's worth it.

And oh my god, it was so worth it. I mean, I knew it would be great, but I have to say...I've seen these guys three times now and this was THEE BEST concert I've ever seen with them. Like whoa. They played old and new stuff. They were funny. Energetic. Johnny was hot. I got to hear songs I'd never heard live. It was just amazing.

I bought a new shirt, a poster, and a tote bag. All that for $35. Yeah. My favorite band is cool cause the keep their prices down. Ticket prices too. I only paid $44 (including shipping and handling) for nice seats.

I phone posted 5 or 6 songs. They sound awful, but to me, it's beautiful. I also took pictures from the seat I had in the 26th row, but they only make sense to me. I was closer than the pictures appear. Meh.

However, this gal (girldrowning) got some GREAT pics from her fantastic seats in the fourth row. Yummy. You know you want to see.
The HotnessCollapse )

*le Sigh*

Now I have to wait a year or so before they grace the world with their touring force again. They are running back to their homes to write and create a new album. YAY! And in December, a nice new spiffy DVD will come out with all the Fourth of July concert footage. That should be nice. :)

Oh my god, I am so obsessed. But...who can blame me?

Now, back to pretending to be normal.
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Do any of you Rush girls find yourself going through phases for each member? For instance, I'm generally a Geddy stalker/obsesser, but for some reason, lately I've been all lustful-like for that big, cuddly ol' Lerxst. I bought tickets specifically on his side at the last show.

And the oddest part is...I find him a helluva lot more lustworthy now than in his more conventionally attractive days (i.e. the long, flowing blonde locks in the 70's). Give me big, chunky, goatee-laden, bald Alex over "cute" Alex anyday. Mmm...see? I have a problem. Which is why it's so nice to have a support group like this. :D

We're so lucky...we have three fine men that are all obsessive-fangirl worthy. Three times the fun.

Did you see that provocative entry written by that one lady on the counterparts board?? Sasja?? Holy moly.

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Hello, my name is Nelli, and I am a Star Wars, Harry Potter, ER, L. M. Montgomery, Spiderman, Savage Garden, Matchbox20, Smallville, Matt Damon...and far, far more fangirl. I've been a fangirl for pretty much all my life, ever since I discovered what Star Wars was. The revelation that I was a fangirl in the very essence of the term came to me about two years ago, when I was scoffing at a pair of squeeing girls at one of the first showings of The Attack of the Clones and suddenly found out that I was doing exactly the same thing. I am an (everything!) fangirl because I was made that way, and because I simply cannot help it!

As for the last question, I have no idea.

This community is an awesome idea! I created my journal (an offshoot of my regular one) simply for a place to squee in, but never dreamed that there was a community for people like me. Thanks for making it, everyone!

~Nelli, who thinks that everyone of the female sex should be a fangirl.
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Hey I'm new here. Here's my intro thing:

Hello, my name is Kristie,
and I am a Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter fangirl.
How long I have been a fangirl: I've been a fangirl for most of my life actually. I just got into Johnny Depp last year when I saw Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter last year after I started reading the books and saw the movies and realized how hot Snape was.
Moment I realized I was a fangirl: Uh, probably a few years ago when I got into Buffy and developed an obsession with Spike.
Reason(s) I am a Johnny fangirl: Well of course he's gorgeous. He's a great actor and he does comedy really well. I especially love when he does comedy in his movies. To me funny is just incredibly sexy. I love Pirates, Sleepy Hollow, Benny & Joon, Fear and Loathing, Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Secret Window.
Reason(s) I am a Harry Potter fangirl: Snape is hot. And I love the fanfiction, so many slashy pairings to choose from.
Which is better, Rush or Zeppelin?
Um, I don't listen to either.

Hey part of my reason for joining and posting is to ask everyone what exactly makes a fangirl? I mean what is it that labels someone a fangirl? Could you make a list of traits? I'm thinking of maybe making some kind of clique and I'd love to have a sort of "You know you're a fangirl if..." kind of thing.
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Hello, my name is Meg, and I am a HP, LotR, Draco Malfoy, Legolas, Vampire Chronicles, Jane Eyre, James Barbour, Former Luke Skywalker/Mara Jade fangirl.

How long I have been a fangirl: 5 years...?

Moment I realized I was a fangirl: Truly, truly realized it when I found myself becoming a fan girl of...another fan girl! Cassie Claire's Draco Trilogy. Oh my, the addiction. XD

Reason(s) I am a ______ fangirl: My fandoms are blonde, pretty, pointy eared, telepathic, angsty, and/or dark! Yey!

Which is better, Rush or Zeppelin? Er. ...


Hi! I love the idea of this community. It kinda rocks my socks.

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Hi. I'm a little excited. And sleep deprived.

But I can't vent here, because that is what this is for.

July 4 is Goo Goo Dolls Day. It is official, at least in buffalo. They documented it and everything. Way cool. It will be Goo Goo Dolls for me too, even though I won't be in Buffalo to share it with them.

However, the Goo Goo Dolls will be in my home state in August. On a Tuesday. Bitch. Boo ya. I am SO going. Its only...200 miles away or something. I can handle that. :) Yay me!

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So, the Goo Goo Dolls boards and communities have been very active lately. The boys took their vacation and now they're working and very much in the public eye.

They are still in the writing process, but they are keeping the fans up to date by having bi-weekly live chat sessions through their web page. How fuckin' cool is that? If I wasn't working every time they appeared, I could actually say something to my favorite band. Wow. Cool concept. And they keep coming back to let us have at them again, so they must be having fun too.

John and Robby have both been doing side projects too. Busy busy boys, even in their down time.

The most exciting bit of news is that they are going to be putting out a LIVE DVD of a performance. You know, a legal thing. Not a bootleg. AHHH!!!

And it gets better. The show will be recorded from a concert this summer. This fourth of July, to be exact, in their hometown of Buffalo, New York. (I want to see Buffalo so badly.)

And the neatest part of all is that the concert is free and open to the public.

I will not be attending. But you better believe that I am waiting for that DVD. So anxious am I!
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Two of the hottest pictures of Geddy ever (in my strange opinion, anyway).

Pensive GeddyCollapse )

Geeky GeddyCollapse )
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Hello, my name is Danielle or Chyld (CDChyld) as I'm known online, and I am a Viggo Mortenses, Pirates of the Carribean, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Cris Angel, LOTR, Steven Hyde, Danny Masterson, Scott 'Raven' Levy fangirl. (There are probably way more but that's all the is coming to mind at the moment...

How long I have been a fangirl: oh gods...Viggo since I saw 28 Days...which was shortly before I saw LOTR
Johnny...pretty much since Edward Scissorhands
Brad...since he played Louis in INterview with a Vampire
Cris Angel...not sure I can pinpoint that one...it's been some years...maybe about 6 years or so
Danny...not even sure when that one began...
Raven...gees...around the first time I saw him appear in WCW...

Moment I realized I was a fangirl: Um...usually when I want every picture I can find of them in magazine, etc...Or the fact that I get this big grin when I see things with them

Reason(s) I am a fangirl: gees....I don't know...there is just something about each one of them, that has drawn me to them over time...

Which is better, Rush or Zeppelin? Um.....Zeppelin :P
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